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Sunday, July 7th, 2024

Bina Neupane

Taking medicines without consulting a doctor can damage liver

KATHMANDU: The brain, heart, kidney and liver are important parts of the body’s functioning system.

Diabetes problem is high among people who work in office

KATHMANDU: Type 1 diabetes is caused due to a lack of insulin in the body.

“It’s important to eat nutritious food during pregnancy”

KATHMANDU: Pregnancy is the period from the beginning of a baby’s life to before birth.

Skin gets inflamed and cracked in cold season

KATHMANDU: Doctors say many skin diseases appear with the advance of the winter. People tend

Rotavirus causes diarrhea in children

KATHMANDU: With the increase in cold weather, many problems have appeared in children. The cases

Promiscuity and smoking main cause of cervical cancer

KATHMANDU: Cancer has been bothering many women lately. Of all the cancers, cervical cancer has

Cervical cancer is increasing in Nepal

Lately, reproductive problems are increasing in women. In reproductive health, there are some problems that

There are no symptoms until the liver is 80 percent damaged

KATHMANDU: The brain, heart, kidneys and liver are among the important organs of the body.

If the heart valve is not replaced on time, the patient might die

KATHMANDU: Many types of heart-related problems have started appearing recently. Although various types of treatments

Cancer cases in children have increased due to excessive use of pesticides

KATHMANDU: Previously cancer used to be taken as a disease that occurred after reaching old

Suicide is not a solution to any problem

KATHMANDU: Lately, mental problems are turning into suicide cases. There are many cases of mental

Dizziness is mostly caused by ear problems

KATHMANDU: The problem of dizziness is increasing among people these days. Even when there is

Balen asks Oli: Will politics of votes at the expense of people’s lives go on forever?

KATHMANDU: Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) Balen Shah has

Today’s national news in a nutshell

Khabarhub brings you a glimpse of major developments of the

Water level in Narayani River exceeds danger mark

CHITWAN: The Narayani River has crossed the danger mark following

Locals urged to remain alert as water level rises in Saptakoshi River

INARUWA: Locals have been urged to remain alert following a

Constitution amendment a priority for incoming govt: Nepali Congress

KATHMANDU: A meeting of the Nepali Congress (NC) Parliamentary Party