Taking medicines without consulting a doctor can damage liver

Bina Neupane

February 20, 2023


Taking medicines without consulting a doctor can damage liver

KATHMANDU: The brain, heart, kidney and liver are important parts of the body’s functioning system.

The liver is an important organ like the heart and brain. The liver makes bile. It is an important part of the digestive system.

It removes toxins from the body and promotes the physical process. The liver does the work of making blood-clotting proteins.

Alcohol and viral infections can be fatal for the liver. Long-term heavy alcohol consumption (more than 10 years) and long-term viral infections reduce the size of the liver and cause permanent scarring, which causes the liver to stop working.

This disease is called liver cirrhosis. Based on this topic, Khabarhub’s Bina Neupane talked with Dr. Ananta Shrestha about the functioning of the liver, among other related issues:

What kind of problem is cirrhosis?

Cirrhosis is a chronic liver disease. A normal person’s liver is soft and works well.

But due to some reason, the liver gradually deteriorates, later many stones are produced in the liver and the shape of the liver also changes, and as a result, the liver gradually stops working. When a normal liver cannot make many types of proteins, it is called cirrhosis.

What makes this happen? Or, who suffers from this kind of problem?

If the liver is slowly damaged, several problems are caused. Cirrhosis occurs in people who drink alcohol daily, and hepatitis B and C also cause liver damage in people.

Fat accumulation in the liver is also one of the reasons: Fat accumulation occurs in people who drink alcohol and people who have diseases such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

What are the symptoms of cirrhosis?

Cirrhosis is a slow-growing disease, so its symptoms appear gradually. As long as 80 percent of the liver is damaged, no symptoms are seen.

The first sign is that you will feel very tired and dizzy. There are two visible symptoms such as the eyes gradually turning yellow and becoming jaundiced.

The other symptom is fainting, black stool and even vomiting blood.

In which age group is this problem basically seen?

It is usually seen in people above 50 years of age. However, young people who drink excessive alcohol are also likely to suffer.

How is cirrhosis treated?

What has to be understood is that cirrhosis can be treated if identified and diagnosed in its early stages.

Complications are caused by cirrhosis, if there is water in the stomach, internal veins swell up in the chest and blood is vomited.

Even after treatment, if the liver does not work, it is necessary to have a liver transplant.

What kind of food should a person eat if there is a problem with the liver?

First of all, we suggest people not to consume too much alcohol, and not to eat too much sweets, white rice, greasy potato dishes, and beef, among others.

Reducing obesity, 45 minutes of exercise daily, and a regular walk prevent the problem of fat accumulation in the liver.

Therefore, one has to eat a lot of calories and nutrients.

What are the preventive measures?

Consumption of alcohol should be stopped. Diet and exercise are a must. Most importantly, people should avoid taking unnecessary medicines without consulting a doctor.