Janakpur voted permanent capital of Province 2


January 17, 2022


Janakpur voted permanent capital of Province 2

Province 2 Assembly in Janakpur.

KATHMANDU: Province 2 Assembly voted to make Janakpur the permanent province capital Monday.

Speaker Saroj Kumar Yadav said of the existing 104 lawmakers in the province assembly, 78 lawmakers – which is more than required two-thirds, voted in favor of Janakpur and Janakpur is declared the permanent capital of Province 2.

The meeting of the province assembly has been postponed for an hour following the vote on permanent capital.

According to the Province 2 Assembly Secretariat, preparation is afoot to table proposals related to the name of the province today itself.

The Special Committee on Capital and Naming of Province 2 had initially brought seven proposals for permanent capital, which was narrowed to three after discussions.

Of the three alternatives, Janakpur has been fixed the capital through a vote by the majority of Province 2 Assembly.