NADA comes forward defending Batas Organization


January 16, 2022


NADA comes forward defending Batas Organization

KATHMANDU: The NADA Automobiles Association of Nepal (NADA) has come forward to defend the Batas Organization, which has courted controversy for cafeteria operation inside Narayanhiti Palace Museum.

Issuing a statement Sunday, NADA said it was not appropriate to initiate action against Batas relying on news reports and without giving it a chance for clarification and proper investigation.

Stating its attention was drawn towards character assassination and mistreatment against Batas Group, an esteemed business organization in the automobile sector, NADA said, “Batas obtained the permit to operate cafeteria by duly complying all criteria set by the government and by being a participant in the tender process. In this context, the portrayal of Batas as having involved in criminal activity is not justified.”

NADA urged all and sundry not to level allegations against legitimate businesses operating within the scope of laws and business ethics.

NADA believes that the government should take action against businesses run by flouting rules and regulations; however, initiating action sans proper investigation cannot be a just move, the statement said.

Such efforts of putting all the blame on the private sector after awarding contract was demoralizing the private sector as a whole, read the statement.