Snow-capped Rara attracts inflow of tourists


January 30, 2023


Snow-capped Rara attracts inflow of tourists

A view of Rara Lake in Mugu/File Photo

RARA: Snowfall has been taking place in the higher belt of Karnali since Tuesday morning.

The Rara Lake has turned further majestic with the snowfall covering the region.

Snowfall has added picturesque value to the region which has been an attractive tourism destination.

Domestic and foreign tourists are increasingly crowding up in the area for snow fun.

Tourists are thronging Rara for taking joy in snowfall without caring about the bone-chilling cold.

There is up to two feet of snow in the surrounding of Rara. All trees and plants around the majestic lake are apparently whitish with snow.

Everything seems whitish in and around the arresting lake. With abundant snowfall, it seems as if a white quilt has been placed in the corner of the lake.

Snow has added further attraction to the lake which changes its forms in different colors in the winter season.

Ram Shah, a domestic tourist who turned up here to take the joy of exotic Rara, commented that fortunate people only got such an opportunity to assimilate with the mesmerizing scenic beauty of Rara, which rarely manifested in this season.

Tourists said the season was appropriate for Rara visit as one could observe the snow-capped Rara reaching atop of Murma and sight-seeing of the mind-blowing ambiance in the surrounding.

The Rara has five-km length, around three-km breadth and 167-metre depth. Rara is a home to rare species of snow trout fish and trout frog as well as 300 species of birds.

According to the Rara National Park office, the lake has been considered a special place to observe different wildlife, including musk deer, Red Panda, Himalayan black bear and wild dog.