World Cup Qualifier: Nepal suffers 2-0 defeat to Yemen


November 21, 2023


World Cup Qualifier: Nepal suffers 2-0 defeat to Yemen

Nepal player in red jersey clashes with a Yemeni player.

KATHMANDU: In the second match of the World Cup qualifiers, Nepal faced a setback as they succumbed to a 2-0 defeat against Yemen.

The match, held at Dasharath Stadium in Tripureshwar on Tuesday evening, saw Nepal struggling to break through Yemen’s defense.

Part of Group H alongside Yemen, Bahrain, and the UAE, Nepal’s journey in the qualifiers has remained a challenging one.

Despite today’s loss, the team looks ahead to the upcoming home and away matches, where they will face each opponent in two equally important encounters.

With aspirations set on securing a spot in the third round of World Cup qualifiers, Nepal has understood the significance of performing well in the remaining matches.

Additionally, success in the qualifiers will not only pave the way for advancement in the World Cup but will also secure a coveted spot in the AFC Asian Cup.