60 percent among tested are COVID positive in Kathmandu


January 29, 2022


60 percent among tested are COVID positive in Kathmandu

KATHMANDU: As many as 60 percent of those tested in Kathmandu are found to have been diagnosed with coronavirus infection.

The number of people turning to test the virus infection has increased with the rapid transmission of pandemic and 55-60 percent among them are diagnosed with coronavirus infection, Kathmandu Metropolitan City sources claimed.

As informed KMC has made arrangements for COVID testing from all 32 wards of late with the surge in the number of people contracting the virus.

The test rate has also increased, the KMC said, adding daily around 1,000 suspects are turning up to test COVID.

KMC Spokesperson Isworman Dangol said the metropolis has made all necessary preparation to manage the infected people.

But this time the infection is not much riskier than it was earlier, Dangol said, adding there was a nominal inflow of patients with complications in the hospitals now.

The isolation and quarantine sites that were operated during the first and second wave free of cost have been kept ready to manage the people with infection as and when necessary, he informed.