Film journalist Jiwan Parajuli authored book ‘Close-up’ released


March 22, 2022


Film journalist Jiwan Parajuli authored book ‘Close-up’ released

KATHMANDU: A non-fiction book ‘Close-up’ featuring the development of Nepali film industry during various eras was launched in Kathmandu on Saturday.

Various personalities of the Nepali film industry and beyond launched the book penned by film journalist Jiwan Parajuli.

The launch of ‘Close-up’ was jointly done by actress Karishma Manandhar, director and actresses Deepashree Niraula and Jharna Thapa, Film Development Board Chairman Dayaram Dahal, Federation of Nepali Journalists President Bipul Pokhrel, director Narayan Puri, poet and film director Rajendra Shalabh, among others.

The 363-page book, edited by film critic-turned-director Dipendra Lama, has six different sections representing various eras, starting from the beginning of Nepali film industry to present, along with the experiences, hardships and contributions of the Nepali film fraternity.

Author Parajuli said that even though the book does not include many characters and their stories, he will continue to write other books including the events reflecting history of the film and the personalities of the characters concerned.

“I have shaped the book including only a part of the film industry to quench my thirst for writing. This is just the beginning and the book is considered as the first volume. There are many personalities who have contributed to bringing Nepali cinema to its present place. There is still much to write about,” said Parajuli.