Mayor Balen meets Niharika at hospital


August 13, 2022


Mayor Balen meets Niharika at hospital

Balen Sah (R) talking with Niharika Rajput at TUTH. (Photo: Balen Sah's Twitter)

KATHMANDU: Kathmandu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Balen Shah has met Niharika Rajput who is undergoing treatment in the Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital after her self-immolation attempt.

Niharika has been agitating for a long time at the Maitighar in Kathmandu, demanding the DNA test of her child born from rape and tried to burn herself in front of the President’s office, on Friday, accusing the government of turning deaf ears to her demands.

Her attempt was foiled by the police. The police administration has now kept her in a teaching hospital to check her mental health.

Some time ago, she stopped the protest after the Ministry of Home Affairs promised to investigate on the case and address her demand. But after the Ministry did not initiate the work as promised, she came back to Kathmandu.

After meeting Niharika who was in the hospital, Mayor Shah released the meeting photo through social media and said that her demand was just.

He wrote on Facebook, “Niharika has merely demanded the DNA test of her child. It is shameful that a mother should be ready to burn her such demand. This is torture. Rule of law is not like that. The so-called guardian, the state should not be like this.”