Hamro Nepali Party aims to emerge as an alternative force


November 6, 2022


Hamro Nepali Party aims to emerge as an alternative force

KATHMANDU: The Hamro Nepali Party has made public its election commitment paper for, aiming at establishing itself as an alternative political force.

At a program organized in Lalitpur on Sunday, the party said time has come to break the traditional standard of Nepali politics.

The party launching ‘stick campaign’ said its political philosophy and principle would be ‘Nepal-ism’.

The party has shared the national programme of constructing seven ring roads linking mountain, hill and Tarai regions in each province.

The commitment document also stated that long term plan would be made for the development of health, education, agriculture and tourism.

The party is for free health, education and insurance services to the people.

Other ambitions in the commitment paper are building self-reliant economy with increase in domestic production, manufacturing needle to rocket and producing/mining salt to gold within the country.

The party further said it will bring to operation 162 iron mines, and 147 mines of copper, gold and uranium combined in the country.

Trekking routes would be opened from Swargadwari to Sagarmatha, and Sagarmatha to Kanchanjungha while Lumbini be established as a zone of world peace. Modern technology would be developed and adopted by making space law. Tax concession would be in place for foreign investment.

The party is for directly elected government.