‘Cause John Muir said “Mountains are calling…” (In pics)


October 17, 2021


‘Cause John Muir said “Mountains are calling…” (In pics)

KATHMANDU: Back in the 19th century, naturalist John Muir famously wrote: “The mountains are calling and I must go.”

Yes, the snow-capped peaks and summits have a lot more to offer than breathtaking views.

There’s no denying how fascinating the mountains are, and there are many ways that watching, and conquering mountains can help shape an individual. Therefore, it’s time people admired the towering beauty of the mountains.

The aroma of fresh air fills the people’s hearts as the sun peeks out over the mountain peaks early morning.

A view of Dhaulagiri peak. (Photo: RSS)

Have ever dreamed of gliding down the slopes with the warmth of the rising sun and experience the quiet of the majestic mountains? If yes, Pokhara, Baglung, and other places in Nepal are perfect.

The mountains peaks illuminated with light reflected through the snow stand tall to welcome visitors.

A majestic view of Mt Gurja. (Photo: RSS)

Meanwhile, the tourism industry of Nepal, which was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, is gradually picking up.

This is reflected in tourist footfall — in an upward trend — in recent months.

Mt Dhaulagiri. (Photo: RSS)
Mt Dhaulagiri. (Photo: RSS)
Mt Machhapuchhre. (Photo: RSS)