Survey reveals 120 snow leopards in Dolpa


April 20, 2024


Survey reveals 120 snow leopards in Dolpa

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KATHMANDU: The latest findings from a snow leopard survey disclosed recently has revealed a significant number of snow leopards inhabiting areas outside the conserved zones of Dolpa.

A systematic camera trap survey conducted over five months from April to August 2023 confirmed the presence of a considerable number of snow leopards in the eastern Dolpa region outside the Shey-Phoksundo National Park.

The survey, supported by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Nepal, estimated a snow leopard density of 1.5 per 100 square kilometers, culminating in the confirmation of 30 snow leopards in the study area.

Comparatively, a similar survey conducted four years ago within the park estimated a snow leopard density of 2.2 per 100 square kilometers, leading to the confirmation of 90 snow leopards within the conserved area.

Consequently, the total snow leopard population in Dolpa now stands at 120, marking the highest number of snow leopards recorded in Nepal, as per the survey results.

Snow leopards, rare, endangered, and protected wildlife, thrive in high mountainous environments.