Bird census in progress in Manohara area


January 12, 2024


Bird census in progress in Manohara area

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BHAKTAPUR: The counting of native and migratory birds has begun at Manohara area of Madhyapur Thimi Municipality-8 in Bhaktapur from today.

The bird census is organized by Wetland International in coordination with various organizations concerned with bird conservation including North Point Mall, Himalayan Nature and others.

As part of this census, the number of migratory as well as native birds in and around the local Manohara river will be counted, said Sanjaya Shrestha of Thimi who has been conducting research and photography on birds.

It is said that 106 species of birds were recorded in the Manohara area in the last census. Eighty-six bird species were recorded. The Pied Whitter species was detected for the first time in the Kathmandu Valley in the census conducted last February.

The bird census is being carried out in various places of the country from January 2 to 18.