Exclusive video: Isn’t this enough to prove how China has encroached upon Nepali land in Humla?


September 14, 2021


Exclusive video: Isn’t this enough to prove how China has encroached upon Nepali land in Humla?

SIMIKOT: In what may be dubbed China’s officious attitude, this exclusive video taken by our correspondent is evident that China has encroached upon Nepal’s land in Humla.

This video has come out at a time when the government team formed to study the border encroachment in the northern border is already in Humla.

The team formed by the Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba-led government comprises officials from the Survey Department, Nepal Police, Armed Police Force, and border experts under the coordination of the Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Government Spokesperson and Minister Gyanendra Bahadur Karki confirmed that the government study team has already reached Humla and that it has started its work.

The video, meanwhile, shows that several border pillars along the Nepal-China border in Nepal’s northwest district of Humla have been dismantled, and replaced by new ones which is evidence that Nepal’s land has been intruded.

However, Nepali authorities have claimed that China is not ready to discuss border disputes with Nepal even though the joint border teams of both countries have been active since 2005.

Unfortunately, the alignment of the newly constructed pillar number 12 in Lapcha Bhanjyang in the district has been completely changed.

The border pillars 5910 and 5920 in the Kit area of Humla have been fenced with barbed wire.

Meanwhile, China has also barred Nepalis from entering China by fencing the border pillar no. 6910.

Similarly, China has constructed new pillars by demolishing the previous ones, according to this video.

If the exclusive field video obtained by Khabarhub is to be considered, Nepal’s land around pillars 11 and 10 at Takulle Chuchuro in Limi has also been encroached upon by China.

Meanwhile, it has also put wires and constructed a gate along the line between the 9920 border posts in Hilsa while it has encroached on Nepalese territory in Lolungjong and built physical structures because of which the road constructed by Nepal is now towards China.

Reports suggest that China has also not allowed Nepalis to walk freely in the border area.

It may be recalled that a team led by Nepali Congress (NC) leader Jeevan Bahadur Shahi made an on-the-site inspection of the area and submitted a 15-point report with recommendations.

Chief Minister of Karnali Province Mahendra Bahadur Shahi and NC leader Jeevan Bahadur Shahi, and others made an on-the-spot inspection of the Nepali land in Humla encroached by China.

The team led by Chief Minister Shahi and NC leader Shahi had inspected the disputed area along the Nepal-China border 10 months after the dispute over China’s encroachment on Nepali land in the Lalungjong area of ​​Limi Lapcha area came to the fore.

The then government led by Prime Minister KP Oli tried to downplay the report without investigating it. It had instead said that there was absolutely no border dispute with China.

Meanwhile, the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu also issued a statement clarifying that Nepal’s territory was not encroached upon.

Most of the lands of Namkha Village Municipality-5 and 6 fall in the border area between Nepal and China. Nepal has not been able to pay attention as there is no human settlement in this area which was under the erstwhile Limi and Muchu VDCs.

According to the local residents, there was a dispute between the locals and the Chinese side after China encroached upon Nepal’s border in 2017 BS.

As many as 15 border pillars — 10 main and 5 sub-pillars– are there along the Nepal-China border in the Humla district.

According to the record of the District Administration Office, Humla, there are 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 7(1), 8(1), 9(10), 10, 11, and 12 main pillars and 5(2), 6(2), and 7 are secondary ones.

There are auxiliary pillars (2), 8(2), and 9(2). However, Nepali authorities have not been able to conduct a regular on-site inspection of the border pillars.

In Humla, which is connected to China, five of the five border checkpoints are on the border of Namkha village municipality, but China has not allowed Nepalis to move freely there.

Due to its remoteness, Nepal has not been able to take the initiative. The locals are afraid to talk due to fear of the Chinese.

It should also be noted that a border treaty was signed between Nepal and China in Asoj 19, 2018 BS.

Earlier, speaking to Khabarhub, NC leader Shahi had said that China has constructed a road in Nepal’s land, removed the border pillar, which he saw with his bare eyes.

Shahi also suggested that those who say that Nepal’s land has not been encroached upon simply because China would be angry should draw conclusions through on-site inspection.

According to him, a road has been constructed in Nepal’s land, border pillar no 12 has been shifted by dismantling it unilaterally.

Shahi said that the government task force would work and bring out the report on the basis of an on-the-spot study, and investigation with the participation of local people’s representatives, local administration, technicians, survey department, and others.

He has also urged the government committee to involve the Chinese side as well while studying the border encroachment issue to ensure impartiality so that the issue will be resolved once and for all.

He added that the government team should also understand that Pillar No. 9 in Hilsa belongs to both countries.

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