Bharatpur Hospital launches ‘trauma emergency service’


December 2, 2021


Bharatpur Hospital launches ‘trauma emergency service’

Bharatpur Hospital. (File Photo)

CHITWAN: Bharatpur Hospital in Chitwan has launched the ‘trauma emergency service’. The six-bed facility is coordinated by an orthopedic surgeon and it aims to ensure prompt emergency medical care to injury cases.

According to the hospital’s medical superintendent Prof Dr Krishna Prasad Poudel, the hospital attends to 30-40 injury cases on a daily basis and the public complaint is that government health facilities lack better and prompt care to the cases of injury.

“The hospital wants to prove this notion wrong”, he said. Chitwan and adjoining districts report frequent cases of road accidents.

As he said, private hospitals here are preferred for critical cases of injury in hope of getting better care than at the government facilities. “We assure that we provide better trauma emergency services.”

The trauma ward is equipped with a CT scan machine and the hospital has demanded an MRI scanner. The service was launched in the context when the government’s announcement to establish the Madan Bhandari Trauma Center at the hospital is yet to be implemented.

Hospital Development Committee Chair Dr Bhojraj Adhikari they prepare to establish a well-equipped trauma center within the hospital.

It may be noted that the Bharatpur Hospital serves as the federal health facility and people from mainly 19 districts including from Chitwan arrive here for treatment.

It is said efforts are underway to upgrade the facility so as to meet all requirements demanded by the federal hospital.