Hosting G20 meeting in Jammu and Kashmir will put Union Territory on International tourism map: Report


May 31, 2023


Hosting G20 meeting in Jammu and Kashmir will put Union Territory on International tourism map: Report


SRINAGAR: India hosting a G20 meeting in Srinagar is an effort to restore the legacy of the Kashmir Valley as a destination for international tourism which also offers extraordinary touristic delights, according to Scoop.

Scoop is a New Zealand Internet news site run by Scoop Media Limited.

According to Scoop, the G20 Tourism Working Group meeting from May 22 – 24 in Srinagar came at a critical time when the Valley of Kashmir has been making persistent efforts to bounce back on the map of international tourism as an abode for domestic and international travelers.

During the meeting, Srinagar was lined with fluttering posters, welcoming the delegates from different countries to what is aptly described as a paradise.

Kashmir, because of its scenic beauty, has been a favorite among domestic and international tourists.

Its mouthwatering delicacies and, most importantly, an eclectic mix of cultures presents the region as an enchanting cultural mosaic.

However, in recent years, the geopolitical din and the shadow of extremism have prevented Kashmir from making the most of its tourism economy, necessitating efforts to overcome the hurdles that keep Kashmir from thriving as “the warmest place on earth”, according to Scoop.

As per Scoop, the G20 Tourism meeting was a step in the right direction. As the first international, “big-ticket” event to be organized in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir since the abrogation of Article 370, the messaging could not have been any clearer.

From the calming rides on the wooden shikaras to sensing the whiffs of fresh, blooming tulips, experiences that had, unfortunately, been confined to old photos and memories, are now once again open for public consumption with the successful conclusion of the G20 meeting.

Meanwhile, talking about the G20 meeting in Srinagar, a resident of Ganderbal said, “We hope this will promote tourism…We also hope that such programs are held frequently and that people come here often…Foreign tourists will come and this will end unemployment here…Now, the entire country knows that Kashmiris are good hosts and we welcomed the delegates open-heartedly…” Kashmiris welcomed the G20 meetings which will boost the tourism and business sector in Kashmir.

The delegates are scheduled to visit the various famous places in Srinagar. (ANI)