Province govt cautioned not to take decisions having long-term impacts


March 26, 2023


Province govt cautioned not to take decisions having long-term impacts

Gandaki Province Assembly building/File Photo

KATHMANDU: Parliamentary party leader of the Nepali Congress Gandaki Province, Surendra Pandey has cautioned the incumbent CPN-UML-led government not to take and implement decisions having long-term impacts and consequences.

Leader Pandey drew the attention of the provincial government to this effect noting it was already in minority with Maoists withdrawing their support to the government.

It may be noted that the coalition partner Maoist Centre had withdrawn its vote of confidence to the UML leader Khagaraj Adhikari-led government on Friday.

The political alliance developed during the November 20 federal and provincial parliamentary elections and in the formation of governments has changed lately.

Leader Pandey claimed that the country’s politics has bounced back to right track again with the formation of a new coalition of political parties.

He said the incumbent government should not take any decisions to create new financial obligations, appoint and transfer employees when it was already in minority and there was no chance to garner support from majority members in the province assembly.

Claiming that NC would lead the next government in Gandaki province, Pandey said, adding NC would move ahead consulting with coalition partners.