Govt starts preparations to grant clemency to Resham Chaudhary


May 25, 2023


Govt starts preparations to grant clemency to Resham Chaudhary

Resham Chaudhary/File Photo

KATHMANDU: The government has taken steps for granting clemency and waiving the remaining prison sentence of former MP Resham Chaudhary, who is currently behind bars.

He was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment in a violent incident that killed 7 security personnel and a minor in the Tikapur carnage in 2015.

The government has sent the proposal to the President’s Office through the Ministry of Home Affairs.

A source at the President’s Office confirmed that the proposal has been registered at the President’s Office on waiving the remaining sentence.

The source also said that Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda discussed the issue with the President on Tuesday evening.

Article 276 of the Constitution provisions that the President may pardon, postpone, change or reduce the sentence imposed by any court, judicial or quasi-judicial body or administrative officer or body in accordance with the law.

According to the Civil Code of Criminal Procedure Act, 2074, the Ministry of Home Affairs has initiated the process of amnesty and sent the file to the President’s Office.

Section 159 of the Act provides that a person who has been sentenced according to the court’s decision can apply to the President through the Ministry of Home Affairs for pardon, postponement, change or reduction.

It is most likely that the government will pardon Chaudhary on the occasion of the Republic Day on Monday (May 29).