SC delays initial hearing on TikTok ban writ citing time constraints


November 20, 2023


SC delays initial hearing on TikTok ban writ citing time constraints

Supreme Court of Nepal at Ramshahpath in Kathmandu/File Photo

KATHMANDU: The Supreme Court (SC) has deterred initial hearing on the petition  challenging the government’s decision to ban the popular social networking platform, TikTok scheduled for today citing time constraints.

The hearing was assigned to Justice Kumar Chudal’s bench.

Senior advocate Dinesh Tripathi, along with advocates Swagat Nepal, Jagannath Dulal, and others, had earlier filed petitions at the SC against the ban.

All writs related to the ban on TikTok were consolidated for a unified hearing on the first day of the court’s session, following the government’s decision to prohibit the social networking site.

A total of 10 writ petitions have been filed against the government’s decision to ban TikTok in Nepal.

The Council of Ministers’ meeting last November 13 had decided to ban the video-sharing platform in Nepal.

The petitioners in their writ have demanded to rescind the decision to ban TikTok, according to Govinda Ghimire, Deputy Spokesperson at the Supreme Court.

Almost of the internet service providers in the country stopped running TikTok since the decision.

The writ petitions came in wake of the ban of the popular App-TikTok.

The ban was enforced citing the disturbance in the social harmony, many cases against public decency and lack of cooperation from the TikTok Company in the process of minimization of the crime and prosecution of criminals among others.

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