Various schemes of Gandaki included in Federal Policy and Program


May 20, 2023


Various schemes of Gandaki included in Federal Policy and Program

Building of the Gandaki Province Government

POKHARA: The policy and programs announced for the coming fiscal year 2080-81 by the federal government has included various projects and schemes to be carried out in Gandaki province.

The policy and programs presented by President Ram Chandra Paudel at the joint meeting of both houses of the Federal Parliament states that the Gorakhkali rubber industry will be revived while the Budigandaki hydropower project will be taken ahead.

The government had already announced to the construction of the Budigandaki hydropower project with its own investment.

The 1,200-megawatt project to be built on the Budigandaki river on the border of Gorkha and Dhading districts had remained in limbo for many years.

During his statement in the Parliament, President Paudel mentioned that the Gorakhkali Rubber Industry in Gorkha will be brought back into operation along with Hetauda Textile Industry and Butwal Spinning Mill.

Gorakhkali Rubber Industry is the only tire industry to be operated in Nepal.

Likewise, the policy and programme states that a high-level study committee will be formed to study the operation, shutting down, integration or management of industries that have been closed and are running in a poor state for a long time.

A scheme has been introduced to establish a museum in Gorkha reflecting the culture and identity of all ethnic groups of Nepal.

Similary, underground electricity distribution system will be expanded in major cities including Pokhara.