NEPSE increases by 16.42 points Wednesday


June 14, 2023


NEPSE increases by 16.42 points Wednesday

KATHMANDU: The Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) witnessed a double-digit increase on Wednesday, the fourth trading day of the week.

The stock market index NEPSE increased by 16.42 points to 2037.06 points.

Today, the shares of the other group increased by high points.

While the shares of banks, life insurance, microfinance, and other groups have increased, the shares of development banks, finance, hotels, and business group decreased today.

12.5 million shares of 275 companies were traded for 5.1 billion rupees.

The Shivam Cement had the highest transaction worth 281.7 million rupees today. Similarly, the shares of Khaptad Microfinance and City Hotel increased by almost 10 percent today.

Although the overall market has increased, the shares of National Insurance Company and Molung Hydropower decreased by more than five percent.