Hotels in Manakamana Temple area asked to stop use of child labor


October 8, 2023


Hotels in Manakamana Temple area asked to stop use of child labor

Manakamana Temple in Gorkha district/Image for Representation

GORKHA: Hotels in the vicinity of Manakamana Temple in Gorkha have been asked to stop using child labor.

During monitoring, some hotels and eateries in the area were found employing underage workers.

Similarly, some hotels and groceries had date-expired products in the sale outlets, according to Shahid Lakhan rural municipality’s vice-chair Indira Tiwari, who is the coordinator of a market monitoring team of the local government.

The local government here has expedited the market monitoring since Friday, targeting the festival season.

Market irregularities including food adulteration and the supply of date-expired products are potentially high during the festivals.

Hotels and shops inside the rural municipality are being monitored bearing in mind the concern for public health.

The monitoring was particularly centered on wards no 2 and 3, it is said. Most of the outlets were found not abiding by market norms and values.

They don’t have displayed a pricelist, are not registered in the local government, and are supplying date-expired cold drinks and beverages.