Kanchanpur spots rare snake species


March 4, 2023


Kanchanpur spots rare snake species

Image for Representation. (Photo: AFCD)

KANCHANPUR: A rare snake species called the ‘non-venomous wolf snake’ has been detected in Belauri Municipality-7 in the Kanchanpur district.

Dinesh Yadav, chief of the Sub Division Forest Office, Kunda, confirmed the finding of the snake. The white-colored over three-foot-long snake is not venomous and feasts on mice, insects, and frogs, he said.

“This is the first time I have spotted this snake species since I worked here 25 years ago. This snake species is rare,” he said.

The snake which was recovered from near the house of a local person has been rescued and released in the local Simtal community forest, he said.

According to herpetologists, the snake steps out for its prey during the night, and it stays in tree holes and holes in the ground.

This snake species are found in over a dozen countries including Nepal, India, Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, and Malaysia.