Sweltering pre-monsoon heat afflicts country


June 2, 2023


Sweltering pre-monsoon heat afflicts country


KATHMANDU: Temperature is soaring across the country including in Kathmandu Valley for the last few days.

The sweltering heat is felt because the mercury has been continuously climbing along with sunshine with clear skies since the last five days.

The Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, Meteorological Forecasting Division says the Westerly wind coupled with the local winds have partial influence in the country at present.

Senior meteorologist at the Division, Pratibha Manandhar said the heat has increased due to lack of rain as the Westerly remains inactive.

“The Westerly and the local winds have their influence in the country presently. However, it will not rain still for some more days as it is transitional period when the pre-monsoon is about to be over and the monsoon about to start,” she said.

Manandhar added that temperature is expected to go up further due to this prevailing weather system.

According to her the mercury will continue to rise until the entry of the monsoon.

“The heat will increase with the maximum temperature hovering over 40 degrees Celsius in some districts of the Tarai while it is gradually increasing in the Kathmandu Valley as well,” she added.

Meteorologist Manandhar shared although the monsoon wind is not active there are chances of intermittent rain in the hilly region of the country over the next three days.

The heat will increase in the Tarai region as the weather there will be fair. The maximum temperature in Kathmandu today was 32 degrees Celsius.

The highest temperature in Kathmandu has reached from 23 to 35 degrees Celsius in the last few days.