Late blight disease destroys potatoes in Khandachakra


January 29, 2022


Late blight disease destroys potatoes in Khandachakra

Potatoes destroyed by 'late blight' disease. (Indian Express/)

KALIKOT: The potato crop planted by the farmers of Regil village in Khandachakra Municipality-11 of Kalikot has been destroyed by late blight disease.

The disease has destroyed potato crop planted by local farmers in about five bigaha of land.

Mansara Shahi, a local farmer, said that the farmers of the entire village planted potatoes but the disease has completely destroyed the potato crop.

“In the past, we used to earn good income from potatoes,” he said.

Mayor of the municipality Jasiprasad Pandey said that the potato was found destroyed due to late blight disease.

The agriculture branch of the municipality has carried out the monitoring and relief will be given to the farmers whose potatoes were destroyed.

Bhakti Prasad Pandey, chief of the agriculture branch of the municipality, said that some of the farms were completely destroyed even though some were not affected by the disease.

“During our monitoring, it was found that chemical pesticides were used but without technical consultation, so we found that there was a problem with late blight disease,” he said.

The branch has also started the necessary procedures to control the disease.