EC carrying out homework to fix election expenditure ceiling


September 27, 2022


EC carrying out homework to fix election expenditure ceiling

The EC holds consultations with political parties to fix the election expenditure limit for November 20 election, in Kathmandu, on Tuesday.

KATHMANDU: The Election Commission (EC) is doing homework to fix the election expenditure limit for the candidates and parties for November 20 election of House of Representatives and Province Assembly as per the Election related law and code of conduct.

The EC held consultations with political parties today (Tuesday) in this regard.

Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Dinesh Kumar Thapaliya said that decision would be taken after holding discussions on the suggestions received from the political parties.

The political parties suggested increasing the expenditure limit fixed for the HoR and Province Assembly election compared to in 2017 and that the expenditure limit for different constituencies should not be the same.

CEC Thapaliya expressed the belief that political parties and candidates would abide to the expenditure ceiling fixed by the EC and as per the code of conduct.

Clause 24 of the Election Commission Act-2073 has the provision that the EC could determine the election expenditure limit. Similarly, clause 25 of the same Act mentions that it is the responsibility of the political parties and candidates to submit the election expenditure details and they have to submit the expenditure details within 30 days at the respective election office after the announcement of the final result of the election.

The EC has taken action against 123,624 candidates of the local-level election held on May 13 and charged up to Rs 750,000 as fine for not submitting their expenditure details.