Election publicity materials removed


April 24, 2022


Election publicity materials removed

NEPALGUNJ: Campaign materials used against the election code of conduct have been removed from various places.

The materials were put up in the lead-up to the upcoming May 13 local level elections.

The campaign materials have been removed as per the decision of the District Election Code of Conduct Monitoring Committee, said Deputy Superintendent of Police, District Police Office, Banke, Madhusudan Neupane.

Digital board, flex board, flags and banners in Tribhuvanchowk, Sadarline, Bageshwori Temple and other areas of Nepalgunj have been removed by the police.

Chief Election Officer of the Office of the Chief Returning Officer, Nepalgunj, Khadananda Tiwari said that the Office has been notifying the parties and candidates to stop the activities against the election code of conduct in the district.

Meanwhile, all the preparations for the nomination of candidacy for the local level election in Banke have been completed.

Chief of the District Election Office, Banke, Rama Pant said that all the materials required for the nominations have reached the office of the Election Officer.