Production and use of bioenergy on rise


October 22, 2022


Production and use of bioenergy on rise

Image for Representation. (Photo: USAID)

KATHMANDU: The production and use of bioenergy based on forest resources is on rise of late.

It was revealed in a study report the National Forum for Advocacy Nepal (NAFAN) prepared in collaboration with Global Forest Coalition and Environmental Paper Network.

The latest bioenergy supply report puts it that the use of bioenergy was increased by threefold since 2000. The report further states that once the biomass is turned into energy, it has negative impact on climate. Till date, the rural areas in Nepal still use firewood, dried cow dung and trashes from agriculture sector which consists of 70 percent of the total fuel.

In Nepal, there are some 10 biomass energy companies producing energy (bio briquette, pellet etc) based on forest resources and marketing the products. Some of these have done contract with government for biomass collection and use and begun production as well.

The report however said it will not make the biomass collection sustainable, but decrease forest cover. The biomass collection is the collection of grass, leaves, fodder and trees as well.

The government has been suggested to immediately scrap the biomass energy strategy, 2017 and introduce new energy policy after holding wider discussion and consultation.

The commercialization of traditional bioenergy must be ended thereby ensuring indigenous communities’ rights to forest resources, the report recommends.