46 organizations, including two foreign ones, observe Sunday’s election


November 20, 2022


46 organizations, including two foreign ones, observe Sunday’s election

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KATHMANDU: Forty-six organizations, including two foreign ones, were mobilized for the observation of the House of Representatives (HoR) and Provincial Assembly Member elections held on Sunday.

Similarly, representatives of the election commissions of six countries had come to Nepal for election observation, the Election Commission said.

“Only two among the foreign organizations recognized by us – Asian Network for Free Election and Civic Chamber of Russian Federation – participated in the election observation. Similarly, 44 organizations from within the country got permission for election observation,” EC Under-Secretary Kamal Bhattarai said.

According to him, officials of the election commissions from India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, the Maldives, Sri Lanka and South Korea came to Nepal for election observation. The election observation team from India is led by Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar.

Two election commissioners from Sri Lanka – MM Mohammad and SB Devaratne – and a team led by Election Commissioner Kim Chng-bo from South Korea came for the election observation.

They observed the elections in the Kathmandu Valley and nearby districts.

Likewise, the representatives and distinguished persons of foreign diplomatic missions based in Nepal were also mobilized for the election observation.

Representatives of diplomatic missions also monitored and observed the election on the voting day,” shared Under-Secretary Bhattarai.

Section 6 of the Election Commission Act provides for any national and foreign individuals and organizations to make observation of the election-related works and activities. The Election Commission gives permission for the same.

Individuals and organizations mobilized on election observation monitor aspects like the legitimacy, independence, fairness, impartiality and equality of the elections.

The election observation agencies also observe the activities of the political parties, compliance to the code of conduct, security and political violence in course of the election, and whether the election has been conducted in a free, fair, impartial and fear-free manner.