Nov 20: Govt mobilizes 34,838 armed police personnel


November 19, 2022


Nov 20: Govt mobilizes 34,838 armed police personnel

Armed Police Force personnel/File Photo for Representation

KATHMANDU: The government has mobilized a total of 34,838 armed police personnel for the November 20 elections to the House of Representatives and the Provincial Assembly.

The armed police will be in the second circle of the security arrangement during the election.

Central Spokesperson of Armed Police Force, Senior Superintendent of Police Purushottam Thapa, shared that the Constituency Security Base has been prepared under the command of Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) in all 165 election constituencies across the country.

The Armed Police is responsible for protecting the District Election Office, Chief Returning Officer, Returning Officer and has also set up mobile patrol, strike, reserve and QRT units.

As the election approaches, the armed police force is also increasing deployment at border crossings and collecting information on anti-election activities.

The border crossing has been sealed for 72 hours from 12 midnight last night for the election.

On the election day, armed police will be deployed in the polling station and the outer circle of the polling station to make arrangements for general voters to vote in a safe environment.

Armed Police will help Nepal Police and Temporary Police to transport the ballot boxes safely to the counting station after the voting is over.

Likewise, a total of 5,779 security personnel have been mobilized in Kathmandu, the federal capital of the country, in view of the upcoming November 20 parliamentary elections.