KMC starts dumping garbage in Bancharedanda despite people’s obstruction


August 17, 2022


KMC starts dumping garbage in Bancharedanda despite people’s obstruction

Trucks carrying garbage from Kathmandu at Bancharedanda landfill site/File Photo

KATHMANDU: Kathmandu’s garbage has been dumped at the landfill site at Bancharedanda in Nuwakot district despite the obstruction of the locals.

Security in the area has been tightened.

The government has mobilized Armed Police Force (APF) personnel in the Bancharedanda area to ensure smooth transportation of the garbage.

Police have arrested a person who tried to obstruct the trucks carrying garbage.

Ramesh Pandit, Superintendent of Police, District Police Office, Nuwakot confirmed the arrest of a local.

“The identity of the arrested person has not been disclosed,” he said.

Around 300 policemen from Kathmandu, Nuwakot, Dhading and armed police have been deployed in Bancharedanda.

Locals have been obstructing the management of garbage in Bancharedanda and Sisdol landfill sites.

People even pelted stones at the trucks and the police today as well.

Locals of Sisdol and Bancharedanda have been protesting saying the road repair works have not been carried out on time and demands like making arrangements for health, education and employment to the locals as per the agreement reached with the KMC in the past have not been fulfilled yet.

The locals had earlier vandalized some trucks carrying waste.

Piles of waste have been dumped on the roadside and crossroads of Kathmandu, which has been affecting the daily lives of Kathmanduites.

KMC has however said that the agreement reached with the locals of Sisdol and Bancharedanda is under implementation phase and urged the locals to extend cooperation in the transportation of the waste.

It said the waste management had to be carried out by mobilizing the police as the waste had to be removed since it would not be appropriate to keep the waste uncollected for a long time.

KMC mayor Balendra Shah said the waste is managed in a sincere and sensitive manner being conscious that it would not cause a problem to anyone.

Stating the agreement signed between KMC and the Dhunibesi Municipality and the Kakani rural municipality on June 9 is under implementation, he asserted that the works that have to be immediately carried out are being done through the regular process and the budget has been allocated for carrying out works in the same sites in the current fiscal year.

KMC has allocated Rs 200 million in the current fiscal year’s budget for carrying out road repair works and other works related to waste management in Sisdol and Bancharedanda area.

Waste was carried to the landfill site in 186 trucks on Tuesday taking the help of the police administration.