NRB purchases treasury bills for the third time


August 17, 2022


NRB purchases treasury bills for the third time

Nepal Rastra Bank/File Photo

KATHMANDU: Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) purchased the Treasury Bill issued on Tuesday by itself for the third time.

The 28-day, 91-day and 182-day Treasuries released on Tuesday were bid on Monday.

The NRB bought a large part of these treasury bills after the banks and financial institutions arbitrarily set the interest rates.

On Tuesday, the NRB issued a treasury bill of Rs. 13 billion in which 61 bids were received from 16 bidders for the 28-day treasury worth 5 billion rupees.

The total amount of the bid was 11.82 billion rupees, and the bidder purchased treasury bills worth 1 billion rupees, while the National Bank purchased treasury bills worth 4 billion rupees.

Its minimum, maximum and average interest rate is 8.9994 percent.