Lahareni in Myagdi untouched by election fever


November 15, 2022


Lahareni in Myagdi untouched by election fever

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MYAGDI: Lahareni, a village nearby Benibazar in the district headquarters of Myagdi, is remotely bustling with election activities although the parliamentary election is a week away.

The village having a total of 28 voters lies in Beni Municiplaity-3.

None of the voters seem to be well-informed or excited about the upcoming parliamentary elections on November 20.

One for Tikaya BK. Neither did she show any interest in the previous parliamentary election in 2017 nor has the election fervor this year gripped her yet.

Not only her, other voters are also indifferent about the upcoming twin elections. Dek Bahadur BK ranted that candidates had not visited their village, an hour of walk away from Beni due to which the villagers seldom have knowledge about the candidates, voting process and electing the person they want to be led by.

The settlement mostly having Dalits is situated amid the jungle. Much to the dismay of the voters here, candidates running election campaign also overlook this place given the difficulty to reach the village.

One of the reasons why voters here are not excited about the election this time is the lack of delivery from the elected leaders in the past.

‘Once we elect them, they forget their promises,” rued Sher Bahadur BK, another local. BK said the locals demand for the youths, upgradation of roads, easy access to healthcare services and education among others.

According to him, distaste of locals here towards politicians was due to a number of reasons such as political tussle, over-promising under-delivering and taking huge credit for regular responsibilities among other.