16 Nepalis stranded in Saudi Arabia starving on the streets

Yogendra Yogi

August 15, 2022


16 Nepalis stranded in Saudi Arabia starving on the streets

Nepali workers spending their time on the street in Saudi Arabia.

DOHA: As many as 16 Nepalis, who came to Saudi Arabia with the lure of attractive jobs, have been forced to spend days and nights on the streets after they were evicted from their rooms by the company.

They reached Saudi Arabia about nine months ago.

The victims said that Yatra HR Solutions Pvt Ltd in Gaurighat, Kathmandu sent the youths to a company called Union Contract in Saudi Arabia by paying Rs 170,000 to 200,000 per person.

They have been stranded after the concerned manpower did not provide them with the job as promised.

Suraj Kumar Sada, one of the stranded Nepalis, who is currently spending the night on the street after being evicted by the company, said, “We have been stuck for the past nine months since the company did not provide us the work and salary as agreed.”

Another victim, Mohan Kumar Chaudhary, too concurred with Sada urging the government of Nepal to do the needful.

The victims have said that despite approaching the Nepali Embassy in Riyadh with their problems, the officials there did not bother to take initiative to address the problem.

Meanwhile, out of the group of 80 Nepalis, 64 people were rescued by the manpower.

They have already returned to Nepal.

Likewise, the victims also said that the manpower company threatened to keep them in Saudi Arabia for another six months.