Ravi Lamichhane’s election campaign vehicle vandalized in Chitwan


November 13, 2022


Ravi Lamichhane’s election campaign vehicle vandalized in Chitwan

Rastriya Swatantra Party Chairman Ravi Lamichhane. (File photo)

CHITWAN: Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP) Chairman and House of Representatives Member candidate from Chitwan 2 Ravi Lamichhane’s campaign vehicle has been vandalized in Chitwan on Sunday afternoon.

According to sources, the vehicle was vandalized near Muglin today.

The windscreen of the Ba 14 Chha 7684 is broken in the incident.

The video of a young man climbing on a car and kicking it and breaking the glass has been released by the RSP leader Deepak Bohra.

After the incident, RSP Chairman Lamichhane accused the police of giving protection to those who attacked the vehicle. “This is an attack on me,” he said, “Our friends have been injured.”

Inspector Sunjit Tamang of the Muglin Area Police Office confirmed the news and informed that the investigation is going on in the incident.

“ I got the report that People had gone to election campaign in seven vehicles, and the ones’ in the last vehicle had a row with the group campaigning from the coalition team and the incident occurred,” Inspector Tamang said, adding, “The police are looking for the person involved in vandalism.”