Maya village in Kalikot at high risk of landslide


December 10, 2022


Maya village in Kalikot at high risk of landslide

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KALIKOT: The inhabitants of Maya village of Pachaljharana Rural Municipality-8 in Kalikot district  are panicked to realize the villaage is at high risk of dry landslide. The land in the village is subsiding now.

There are 32 households in the village which is subsiding even during the winter. The land is caving in and house walls are developing cracks for four days here, said former chair of Pachaljharana Rural Municipality, Khadka Raj Sejuwal.

“There is neither landslide nor roadway down the village, but the village land is getting sunk,” he said, adding that even the walls of newly built houses developed cracks.

The village is at imminent risk, he warned, wondering it is not rainy season either.

Chief of police at Area Police Office of Pachaljharana, Janak Bhandari shared that they were informed about the land getting caved in at Maya village and the villagers are asked to shift the settlement because it was poised to risk.

Local leaders and police have suggested the villagers to leave the village because it would face risk at any time, he added.

A local Ram Bahadur BK also said it was not raining but the houses were losing surface which has panicked the entire village.

“Why the land is caving in, we’re not aware of it,” he said, adding that they were frightened much.

Similarly, chair of the rural municipality, Dev Jung Shahi, said efforts were begun to ensure temporary shelters to the households facing risk of landslide.