122 candidacies for nine posts in Chitwan: EC


October 10, 2022


122 candidacies for nine posts in Chitwan: EC

Election Commission at Kantipath in Kathmandu/File Photo

CHITWAN: As many as 122 persons filed candidacies for nine posts of the Members of the House of Representatives (HoR), and Provincial Assembly combined in Chitwan district.

There are three constituencies for HoR and six for Provincial Assembly.

Twenty persons filed candidacies from constituency no 1 for the HoR election. Similarly, for the election to province 1 (a), there are 11 candidacies, while (b) has 12 candidacies here.

On behalf of ruling alliance, Vice Chairperson of the National Planning Commission, Dr Bishwo Nath Poudel, and UML leader Surendra Pande filed candidacies for HoR member, according to office of election officer.

Pande registered his nomination through representative.

Similarly, for constituency-1 (a), 11 persons filed nominations under provincial assembly, while (b) witnessed candidacies from 12 persons, according to assistant election officer, Nabin Raj Ruwali.

For constituency no 2 of Chitwan, 19 leaders filed nomination for Member of the HoR. From the ruling alliance, NC leader Umesh Shrestha, UML’s Krishna Bhakta Pokharel and RPP’s Rabin Adhikari filed nominations.

Chairperson of the Rastriya Swatantra Party, Rabi Lamichhane, also filed nomination for HoR Member from the same constituency.

Constituency no 2 (a) saw eight candidacies for Provincial Assembly election while 2 (b) saw 14 candidacies.

Twenty-one candidacies were filed for election to HoR Member from constituency no 3 of Chitwan.

Those to file candidacies are Dr Bhojraj Adhikari of CPN (Maoist Centre), Ram Prasad Neupane of CPN UML, and Bikram Pande of RPP, among others.

Among the total, twelve persons have filed nomination as independent ones.

Similarly, eight candidacies are from constituency no 3 (a), and nine candidacies from 3 (b). There are 418,342 voters in the district.

There are 162 polling stations and 460 voting centres.