10 parties get less than 5,000 votes under PR system


December 4, 2022


10 parties get less than 5,000 votes under PR system

KATHMANDU: 10 political parties could not get even five thousand votes  under proportional representation system in the general election held on November 20.

Bibeksheel Sajha Party, which had been the talk of the town in previous general election, has shown a remarkable shrink as the party could not get more than 4,039 votes this time.

Similarly, the Ekikrit Shakti Nepal got 3,776 votes. On the proportional side, Nepal Communist Party (Maoist Samajwadi) got 3,694 votes, Federal Democratic National Forum (Tharuhat) got 3,404 votes, National Liberation Movement, Nepal got 3,332 votes.

Likewise, the Maulik Zerokilo Party got 3,235 votes, the Nepal Samabesi Party got 2,952 votes, the Nepal Communist Party Paribartan 2,091 votes, the National Peoples Party got 2,143 votes, and the Nationalist People’s Party got 2,150 votes.

CPN-UML has got the highest number of votes when 1,420,125 votes were counted across the country. UML got 2,788,356 votes. Similarly, while Nepali Congress got 2,660, 246 votes, CPN-Maoist center got 1,162,124 votes.