EC issues seven-point directive to government


November 4, 2022


EC issues seven-point directive to government

KATHMANDU: The Election Commission has issued seven-point directives to the governments at all three levels to help conduct the election of members of the House of Representatives and the Provincial Assembly on November 20 in a healthy, free, fair, reliable, fearless and efficient manner.

The seven-point instructions were forwarded to the Office of the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers to circulate it to the central government, provincial government and the relevant bodies at the local level.

In the directives, the EC has called for easy access to transport during the election, especially for movement of election officers, including Chief Returning Officer and Returning Officers.

In addition, the roads and other physical infrastructure leading to the designated polling places and polling centers should be maintained in good condition.

Similarly, informative materials produced and sent by the Election Commission should be received and published and broadcast through all print and electronic media as part of the advertisement and informational materials published and broadcast from the public welfare advertising program run under the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.

Government, community and private hospitals, nursing homes and other health institutions should be arranged to operate safely, and ambulances and fire engines operating in the district should be kept in good condition so that they can be used immediately if needed during the elections.

The security and communications apparatus needs to be kept updated and stand by.

The Commission has also instructed to make arrangements to take departmental action against any civil servants and security personnel who abuse their authority or take any action to affect the fairness of the election.