NA special committee furnishes 99-point federalism execution recommendations


November 4, 2022


NA special committee furnishes 99-point federalism execution recommendations

KATHMANDU: The Federalism Implementation Study and Monitoring Committee under the National Assembly (NA) has furnished 99-point recommendation in 12 different themes.

Committee Coordinator Khimlal Devkota shared that the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers was recommended to amend explanation of duties and responsibilities of three tiers of governments reasoning that there was no clarity on their jurisdiction.

Likewise, the committee has recommended the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs to limit the number of province ministers to 10 percent of total assembly members, also taking into consideration that it would not be lowered to five in minimum.

The committee has noted that public trust has eroded towards federalism due to increasing administrative costs with the rise in the number of province ministries and ministers.

The committee has also recommended the Ministry of Home Affairs to complete police adjustment acknowledging the independent power of the province to look after province police and law and order in the province. Also recommended is to make temporary management of province and local level employees.

The Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration has been recommended to immediately resolve the problems surfaced in performance in lack of employees at province and local levels. The report has recommended reducing the number of employees at federal level by half.

The committee has also instructed the government to put in place legal and policy arrangement to keep the employees at province and local levels. As noted the committee has prepared the report containing major achievements made and challenges faced in course of the implementation of federalism during the past five years.

Chairperson of National Assembly Ganesh Timilsina said it was a shared responsibility to implement the recommendations drawn out from resolution motion. The report has furnished 33-point recommendations related to fiscal federalism.

Among the areas of recommendations are assurance of the rights of different groups including women, constitution of joint committee and implementation of the committee directives, decentralization plan, good governance, service delivery and implementation of fundamental rights, federalism execution action plan, execution of constitutional commissions’ recommendations, administrative federalism, inter-governments coordination and collaboration.