NEPSE declines to one-year low 2275 points Wednesday

Transaction amount shrinks to Rs 1.27 billion


May 4, 2022


NEPSE declines to one-year low 2275 points Wednesday

KATHMANDU: The Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) index has fallen to a one-year low of 2275.68 points today.

On the fourth day of the week, the market index NEPSE fell by 1.38 percent and dropped from 2300 points, for the first time since last December.

On Wednesday, the NEPSE index fell by 31.76 points to close at 2275.68 points. This is the lowest point in the last one year.

NEPSE, which had reached 3199.03 points on August 18, had dropped to 2281.67 points on December 13.

After that, the market continued to fluctuate but did not fall below that point. However, Nepal’s stock market, which has been continuously declining for the last few days, closed at a one-year low on Wednesday.

Along with NEPSE, all sub-indices have also declined. The transaction amount also decreased today. The market had a turnover of Rs 1.42 billion last Monday, but today it has a turnover of only Rs 1.27 billion.

Arun Valley Hydropower had a turnover of around Rs 45.9 million while Himalayan Distillery had a turnover of Rs 35.2 million and Nabil Bank had a turnover of Rs 34.25 million.

Of the 196 companies traded in the market today, 177 witnessed the fall while only 15 rose up. The share prices of four companies remained stable.

Shares of Jalpa Community Microfinance rose 4.45 percent as the share price of Jalpa Community Microfinance closed at the circuit level.

Shares of Green Ventures Ltd declined the most at 9.36 per cent, followed by Union Hydropower at 5.77 percent and Saptakoshi Development Bank at 5.38 percent.