Local election: Five-party coalition emphasizes economic development


May 1, 2022


Local election: Five-party coalition emphasizes economic development

KATHMANDU: The ruling five-party alliance has engrossed on May 13 local level election, focusing on ensuring people’s partnership for socioeconomic development of the country.

The five parties in their election manifesto stressed on practically reaching ‘Singha Durbar’, the centre of authority and power, to each village along with maximum mobilization of local levels.

As the government closed to the people, the local level’s empowerment is in the alliance’s priority.

The election manifestos made public by the parties have kept in centre the empowered and pro-people local level in a bid to ensure effective implementation of federalism.

Implementation of fundamental rights as citizen’s access to basic health service, free school education, food security, housing, employment, clean environment, regional and gender equality are reiterated as common issues by their manifestos.

In addition to the manifestos, the alliance has mobilized leaders and cadres of their parties for smooth coordination and collaboration in the elections.

The selection of election candidates in consensus is one of the significant features of the electoral alliance.

The leaders have informed that they were going to prepare common election manifestos in Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bharatpur, Biratnagar and Biratnagar Metropolises.

Pokhara Metropolis and Ghorahi Sub Metropolis have prepared common manifestos of the alliance.

In this regard, Nepali Congress central member Krishna Kishor Ghimire said for the candidates fielded on behalf of alliance, there is joint mobilization of alliance parties.

Another NC leader and lawmaker Anita Devkota also informed that up to the ward level, NC, Maoist Centre and Janamorcha have forged electoral alliance, so there was no point in worrying about electoral performance.

Spokesperson of the CPN Maoist Centre, Krishna Bahadur Mahara said his party had given priority to socialism oriented prosperity via socio-economic transformation.

“It is local level government, so making manifesto based on the need of respective local levels is imperative. It will be focused,” he added.

Deputy mayoral candidate in Lalitpur Metropolis Baburaja Bajracharya also has the belief that the social justice-focused development model would be viable to pay heed to people’s need at present and ensure socialism in the country.