Minister Bhusal instructs for timely construction of hydels in Dordi Corridor


November 30, 2021


Minister Bhusal instructs for timely construction of hydels in Dordi Corridor

Minister for Energy, Water Resources, and Irrigation Pampha Bhusal. (File Photo)

KATHMANDU: Minister for Energy, Water Resources, and Irrigation Pampha Bhusal today inspected the under-construction hydropower projects and transmission lines at Dordi Corridor in Lamjung.

The Corridor dubbed as the ‘Hydro Hub’ has around six hydel under construction while another six hydels were in the pipeline. Some hydels are already operative in the Corridor as well.

Minister Bhusal’s visit to the Corridor came at a time when the hydropower projects here were not progressing despite the repeated requests and efforts of the private promoters.

Bhusal instructed the concerned authorities for the earliest completion of the hydels and transmission lines related programs without leaking a single unit of electricity.

Project chief Chirantan Rana briefed Minister Bhusal about the ongoing, operative, and future hydropower projects along the Corridor and pledged to complete all the hydel, sub-stations, and transmission line-related works on time.
The Minister also shared that the government was aggressively working towards the development and promotion of the energy sector and to increase its utility.

Rana also reaffirmed his commitment to re-erect the four towers of transmission lines swept away by the flood in the monsoon.

A 54-megawatt Super Dordi ‘B’ by People’s Hydro Power, 27-megawatt of Dordi Khola hydel by Himalayan Power Partner, 25-megawatt Upper Dordi ‘A’ hydel by Liberty Energy Limited are under-construction.

Likewise, Dordi Khola Hydro Power Company is constructing 12.1-megawatt Dordi-1 hydel, Chyangi Khola Hydro Power Company’s 4-megawatt hydel. These hydels have recorded 55 to 90 percent physical progress.

Earlier, 2-megawatt Chyangdi Hydro Power Project was constructed. Locals and the private sector have been investing in the construction of these under-construction hydels.

The Minister, during the on-site visit, also directed the project chiefs to expedite the construction of the transmission line and sub-stations in the Corridor.

Works related to Udipur-Markichowk-Bharatpur transmission line was commenced to be complete within 18 months. Much to the dismay, the project has not gathered pace.