Will exit only after completing constitutionally-bestowed responsibility, says CJ Rana


October 26, 2021


Will exit only after completing constitutionally-bestowed responsibility, says CJ Rana

Chief Justice (CJ) Cholendra Shumsher Rana. (File photo)

KATHMANDU: Chief Justice Cholendra Shumsher Rana has said he would exit only after completing the responsibilities bestowed by the Constitution and laws.

In a meeting held between the Chief Justice and other Justices on Tuesday, he said the Constitution and law have entrusted him with the responsibilities of Chief Justice and he was capable to discharge the given responsibilities.

After the discussion between the CJ and Justices, Spokesperson of the Supreme Court Baburam Dahal quoted CJ as saying, “The Chief Justice appointed as per the Constitution should complete the responsibilities provided by the statute itself and law. I am capable to take up the responsibilities. I will exit after completing the responsibilities given to me”.

In the discussion, CJ Rana said other Justices raising question and demanding resignation of the chief justice should also put in papers. He further said he would resign only after other Justices, who have been questioned, too, quit their jobs. “I am not ready to quit the responsibility as you said. If I have to resign those who are under questions should also put in papers, Dahal quoted CJ as adding.

CJ Rana urged the Justices to carry out their respective responsibilities as per the Constitution and law.

Though hearing dates were scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, hearing on the cases has not taken place in absence of the bench. It has affected the service delivery and also troubled the service seekers coming from far-flung areas. The full court was set to meet on Monday but it was not held in absence of justices.

Next discussion between CJ and justices is scheduled for coming Wednesday. RSS