NEPSE CEO Saud resigns


August 24, 2021


NEPSE CEO Saud resigns

Chief Executive Officer of NEPSE, Chandra Singh Saud. (File photo)

KATHMANDU: Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Chandra Singh Saud has resigned from his post on Tuesday.

Speaking at press conference organized in Kathmandu, CEO Saud announced his resignation from the post.

Earlier, he had submitted his resignation letter to the Ministry of Finance after the latter repeatedly sought explanation from him in the share transaction controversy.

Saud was dragged into controversy over the share issue of Sarbottam Cement and was asked for clarification by the Finance Ministry.

While Sarbottam Cement was preparing to issue an IPO through Book Building, Saud bought the shares of the cement company in the name of his wife. He is accused of receiving the shares as Golden Shares.

Along with NEPSE’s CEO Saud, Securities Board Chairman Bhishma Dhungana has also been accused of taking golden shares.