Chief Minister Shakya to take vote of confidence on Thursday


October 20, 2021


Chief Minister Shakya to take vote of confidence on Thursday

Bagmati Chief Minister Ashta Laxmi Shakya.

KATHMANDU: Chief Minister Ashta Laxmi Shakya is to seek a vote of confidence in the meeting of the Bagmati Province Assembly to be held on Thursday afternoon, the Province assembly secretariat has stated.

Chief Minister Shakya had presented a proposal in this connection in the Province Assembly meeting on October 10. The meeting was adjourned immediately after that and it was scheduled for October 21, Province Assembly Secretariat chief secretary Krishna Hari Khadka said.

He said separate lobbies have been arranged for the ruling side and the opposition parties for the vote of confidence scheduled for Thursday.

There are 109 members of the ruling and opposition parties in the Province Assembly.

The Province Assembly Secretariat stated that the CPN-UML has sent a letter requesting for deferring the meeting to October 28, citing lack of time due to its convention.

UML, Province Assembly parliamentary party chief whip Deepak Niraula said a request has been made to defer the meeting of the Province Assembly scheduled for October 21 as the party leaders and cadres as well as the people’s representatives will be busy in the party’s district, province and ward level conventions ahead of its upcoming General Convention.