JSP Chairmen Thakur and Yadav agree to consolidate party

JSP would rather lead the government than joining Oli-led govt


May 18, 2021


JSP Chairmen Thakur and Yadav agree to consolidate party

JSP Chairmen Upendra Yadav (L) and Mahantha Thakur.

KATHMANDU: Chairpersons of Janata Samajwadi Party (JSP)  Mahantha Thakur and Upendra Yadav have stood united to save the party which earlier was on the verge of collapse.

The intra-party dispute of the JSP had taken a new height especially after the party was divided over the confidence motion floated by Prime Minister KP Oli, the action taken against provincial assembly members in Lumbini Pradesh and the issue of parliamentary party leader appointment.

Thakur and Yadav have stood united almost six months after Prime Minister Oli dissolved the House of Representatives (HoR).

Issuing a press note on Tuesday, chairman duo Thakur and Yadav have said the party will now move ahead in line with the party statute, work procedure and the organizational working system, following the agreement between the two factions.

The leaders in the statement have agreed not to participate in the incumbent government and play its roles as an opposition party.

However, both the leaders have concluded that the party would take the helm of the government in case such a situation arises under national consensus or its own initiation.

They have also agreed to complete integration processes lying incomplete under various committee levels as per the party statue, while calling on all the party rank and file to stand united to further consolidate the party.