Province 2 Chief asks CM to make cabinet more inclusive


June 13, 2021


Province 2 Chief asks CM to make cabinet more inclusive

Province 2, Governor Rajesh Jha Ahiraj. (File photo)

JANAKPURDHAM: Province 2 Governor Rajesh Jha ‘Ahiraj’ has asked Chief Minister Lal Babu Raut to make the cabinet more inclusive.

Writing a letter to the CM Raut on June 11, Province head Jha expressed dissatisfaction at the expansion of the cabinet hailing it is not in line with the principle of inclusiveness and proportionality.

“Even though the composition of the Council of Ministers will be as per the recommendation of the Hon’ble Chief Minister, as I am the head of the province, this memorandum has been written as my interest and concern is natural and justified as to whether the format of the Council of Ministers is as per the constitution,” he wrote in the letter, adding, “There is no proportional and inclusive representation of non-Madhesi, Muslim, Dalit and women in the cabinet.”

Governor Jha stated that it is the responsibility of the province government to represent the population density and community presence in the province.

“Women, Dalits, Adibasis, non-Madhesis and other parties in the state are reminded to take special initiative towards proportional inclusive presence,” he added ahead.

Province Governor Ahiraj has reminded the spirit of the provisions of Right to Social Justice mentioned in Article 42 of the Constitution and has urged to keep it in notice in the days ahead.