Bagmati Province Assembly passes govt policy, programs


June 12, 2021


Bagmati Province Assembly passes govt policy, programs

Bagmati State Chief Minister Dormani Poudel. (File photo)

HETAUDA: Bagmati Province Assembly has passed Chief Minister Dor Mani Poudel-presented policy and programs for the fiscal year 2021/22 with the majority of province lawmakers.

Although lawmakers from both the ruling CPN-UML and opposition parties, including CPN-Maoist Center and Nepali Congress (NC), had registered amendments to the policy and programs tabled by the government, the policy and programs passed without any amendments.

Earlier, UML’s Parliamentary Party leader and Chief Minister, Dormani Poudel had issued a whip to the party members to vote in favor of the provincial government’s policy and programs.

Addressing the parliamentary party meeting Saturday, Chief Minister and parliamentary party leader Poudel said that since the policy and programs brought by the government was standard, objective, and result-oriented, it should be unanimously passed by the province assembly.

According to UML sources, UML leader and Province assembly member Ashta Laxmi Shakya had also urged the party members to vote in support of the policy and programs so as to get it passed in the Province Assembly.

47 province lawmakers had expressed their opinion on the government’s policy and programs.

Chief Minister Poudel had responded to some of the questions and said many of them were related with the federal government; hence, they were not meant to be answered by him.