“We launched Twitter campaign #justiceforepspasser with fear of losing our jobs”

Sabina Karki

June 11, 2021


“We launched Twitter campaign #justiceforepspasser with fear of losing our jobs”

A girl who has passed the EPS test holds a placard demanding that they be allowed to go to South Korea for employment.

KATHMANDU: Nepali youths, who could not go to South Korea even after completing all procedures, have taken to Twitter as their last resort.

In particular, the youths have twitted the #Justiceforepspasser campaign (Justice for EPS Passe Campaign) with various statuses, citing Prime Minister KP Oli and his political advisor Bishnu Rimal.

The hashtag #justiceforepspasser had reached to number one trending tag on Twitter in Nepal on Tuesday. So far, more than 28,000 tweets have been made in the campaign.

The campaign has been running on Twitter for 4 days.

Sangam Khanal of Kapilvastu complains that he is losing his job due to the government’s inability to take high diplomatic initiatives.

“Our efforts will go in vain if the government did not take the initiative,” he told Khabarhub.

One has to reach Korea within 2 years of passing the exam for employment.

He lamented that he had been waiting for 15 months for the flight to open.

“It’s been more than a year and a half since the coronavirus pandemic,” he said.

Many young people in the campaign have written that they have been suffering from depression for the past 15 months while waiting for employment in Korea.

Similarly, Saurabh Lopchan tweeted, “Honorable Prime Minister. About 11/12 thousand of us are waiting to go to Korea after passing the EPS test. Nothing has happened so far. Please take the initiative. Thank you.”

Their demand is that the youths who have passed the examination and completed all the procedures should be allowed to go to Korea.

Korea has started taking Nepali workers after taking language tests from the government level since 2008.

Korea, which welcomes workers under the age of 40, employs an average of 5,000 Nepalis every year.

Over the past few years, more than 100,000 young people prepare for the language test each year in Korea because of a good income.

After the coronavirus pandemic, the employment of Nepali workers in Korea has become uncertain.

They have not been able to go to Korea from Nepal through the EPS system since the first week of March 2020.

Youths passing EPS demanding the government to facilitae their smooth travel to Korea for employment.